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F1 2019 (Xbox) - Everyone waiting, one driving (found cause!)


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Hi @BarryBL, I was just playing F1 2019 Unranked, and when we sat on the grid, I thought, because I already had a suspision (probably spelled wrong) what the cause of this issue might be, that all players are sitting on the grid and one able to drive.

What I did is: Immediately after the countdown was done, during that short transition, I pressed the Xbox button. what happened is, the race started normally for me, everyone else stood on the grid, I finally found the cause!

Game version: 1.22

Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked

Recreation: After the countdown finishes, during the very short transition, press the Xbox button, and you will be able to drive, nobody else will!

Platform: Xbox One

How often: This issue happens quite often, I tried this method once and it immediately worked.

Accessoires: Xbox One Controller

Video clip:

After the peeping ends and the short transition takes place, I'm pressing the Xbox button (you can see how i'm in the options menu).

Another thing to add: In this years game, which has not been the case years before, a lot of the issue are caused by pressing the Xbox button/being in the Xbox menu. That is also the reason why sometimes you are stuck in the loading screen because one guy is in the Xbox menu, you should investigate this certainly for F1 2020.


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