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Buying GOTY Edition after owning Standard Edition from PS+

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11 minutes ago, BraddersVee said:

Will all save data switch if I buy the GOTY Edition and then solely play that? 

Your data should carry over and no progress is lost when you buy the GOTY.


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Posted (edited)

ha, I was just about to ask this. but not for the saved game data (I only just downloaded my PS Plus copy, so I don't have any save files).

I'm asking about the game data - will I have to download it again? or will I be able to activate the DLC licenses (or whatever the terms are) on my PS Plus copy? I cannot download 80GB again.

edit: I bought it anyways, and yeah thankfully it just turned my PS Plus copy into a standard one, and unlocked the content items for me. unfortunately, it only automatically added the S1 and S2 to the game, so I had to manually download every single item from S3 and S4 (plus the CM pack) individually. and because the PS4's menu system is quite slow it took nearly 20 mins of repetitive fiddling to get it all... and now I have like 30 emails from the PS store thanking me for my purchase of $0.00

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