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[Bug Report] Group B monthly event completed - no payout


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Hi Dev's.

Like the title says... "Group B monthly event" completed in the Delta S4. No payout.!!
Fired up dirt rally today, there was no sign of any credits being awarded to me for the above.
Went into online events to see if that might trigger something, but it didn't and noticed the monthly event had changed.
I should say that after completing the event, there was still 2days left on the timer.
Should've been payed +300,000.

Bit of a bummer...
System Spec
win7 64ult - M6F.ROG - 4770K - Gskill.TridX2400.16gb(2x8) - H110i GT p/p - CM haf932+M1000 1kw - evgaTitanX Sc - evgaGTX780ti Sc(PhysX) - 3xAsus27" 2ms + 24" acer for Dashmeterpro
T500rs + Pedals - SymProjects ProGauge - BMW 318ti Dashboard - BU0836X B.Box - HB aluminium 7spd-R staggered gate shifter.

Steps to reproduce
Group B monthly event(cannot now)

Your recent history of races 
Group B monthly event - Delta S4

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
Group B monthly event - completed.

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
No Crash - just didn't get rewarded after completing event.

How long was your current session?
Did the first six stages approx 3weeks ago, then came back and did the rest of the stages in one go.
When i completed it and got to end, there was still 2 days left on the timer.

Which graphics preset were you using?
5850x1080 - 4xmsaa - Vsync On - All high and some ultra(weather/night/texture/track obj/trees/ground coverage) - cloth OFF

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