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DiRT Rally 2.0 Head to Heads


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4 hours ago, danielofifi said:

Very interesting. So what should Codies do to make the game more realistic in your opinion? Perhaps weaken Group B cars' braking and cornering performance?

@PJTierney I think it's important to make devs aware of this thread in respect to the future Dirt Rally games.


Maybe, if the approach is to "simulate" reality the braking and handling should be tweaked. 

But, Codemasters employees are clever, and there must be some reasons why group B cars behave like that. It could be because it creates mysticism, kind of legend when someone chooses to drive group B 4WD (and I wonder if marketing department already studied it and decided that to make a game more attractive in that aspect, and so they positioned group B 4wd cars as the fastest). There is a myth to this day that they are "the fastest" WRC cars... because of horsepower, and aggressive aerodynamics. Maybe it is just a coincidence this whole unbalance

Let it be my example, when I first entered the game Dirt Rally 2.0 I started career with a group B audi 4wd (hype, part of history, what it meant to WRC)... just because I like the brand, etc and Rallycross with the Audi... then I realized that I do not have enough time to fix the Audi Quattro when I arrived to club level... I was driving with a damaged car usually at the final stages in the rally (not enough engineers to fix it)...

But because of history I went directly to a Group B car... just to change to a Lancia Fulvia then, due to free repairs

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