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[Bug Report] Dirt Rally - Game crashes to black screen if accepting a Steam chat invite via Overlay


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Both my Bro and I have experienced this in the last two days (I don't remmeber if we've done this before but sure we have so may or may not have been a pre-existing issue prior to the P/P 0.4 update).
Doesn't occur in any other games.

In the example today:
Bro was mid game and driving. I logged into Steam and sent a "Start Voice chat". Bro paused the game and opened Steam overlay via and accepts the invite. He could move around the Steam overlay but Shift+tab does not return you to the game. There is no other way out of it other than to Task manager and end the task which he did. Relaunch the game via Steam and nothing seems affected.

In my case on Sunday I received the chat request from him this time. I'd finished my current race so clicked the notification in the bottom right near the system tray to auto-open steam overlay. I accepted the call at which point the whole screen went black (as it was in the process of saving and loading me back to the menu screen - the spinning icon for save stopped followed by the black screen.)
I then had to Task Manager out by closing the task which then left me with a subsequent window after to crash back to desktop. (Edit:  confirmed C++ error - see post below)
AMD R290 in use on ultra/highest possible settings.
I launched the game again through Steam - it then tried to re-install itself resulting in an error 41 and showed progress of 1%
Force closed the game via Task Manager, rebooted the PC and all was good again, it launched first time, I'd only lost that race in that event which I had to re-do. If it occurs again and the error shows on the desktop I'll screenshot it but at the time but we thought at the time it was just a random issue.

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Same black screen crash but via different method:

Steps taken prior to crash:

1. Entered league, launched single staged, single event. Proceeded through setup and launch menus until in-game and car was on start line.
2. Paused on start line. Used windows key to access Chrome and forum (was checking stage name - Bidno Moorland-  for other bug just logged regarding error 41/loss of engine sound). This made the paused active game appear in lower resolution windowed mode. (Completed other bug report which took another 20 mins or so) 
3. Highlighted the now low resolution windowed game with mouse to made it active window > CTRL and Enter to run Dirt Rally back in full screen no-windowed mode.
4. Selected continue from pause menu (using G25 to select options in menus) ran 1/3 of the course then pause > save and quit. Yes to confirmation

Black screen issue occurred again but instead of remaining at full screen this time also dumped back to desktop with the crashed game now sitting at the same lower resolution windowed mode (1024x768 I think)
First error confirms C++ error from what I assume is Steam folder where drt.exe lives.
 C:/program files...steam...common.....drt.exe (etc)

Clicked OK to that first on-screen C++ error (only option) then windows application error shown
(Screenshots taken of both). Will upload and provide link tomorrow.

Expanded details section of the second windows generated error
Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
  Application Name: drt.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp: 555e1405
  Fault Module Name: drt.exe
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp: 555e1405
  Exception Code: 40000015
  Exception Offset: 0095cc9c
  OS Version: 6.1.7601.
  Locale ID: 2057
  Additional Information 1: 30da
  Additional Information 2: 30dac48e0dfc5df08ba388c693050a9f
  Additional Information 3: 108d
  Additional Information 4: 108d50c55a3a6265693a6aa5c8316490

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Although this instance of the issue is probably engineered by returning to windows then back to the game and it isn't a way to separately replicate the original issue it shows the same error messages I originally received.

Any more info required twitter @djmandrick and I'll log in to the forum to check any messages received.
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