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[PC] Game is not "reading" my steering wheel properly.


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I have problem with the game probably. 

I am using old (but good for me :D) Canyon CNG-GW3 which is working properly in system after calibration and working quite well with other games like ETS2 or RaceRoom Racing Experience etc.

The problem is I need to turn my steering wheel for about 20 degrees and than the game can see that I moved my wheel a little bit. Other game after I touch a little my wheel  and turn even with few degrees will respond with movement but in F1 2019 that doesn't happen. 

Version of the game: 1.22

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Intel I5 4460 + Radeon R9 380 2GB + 8 GB Ram 1600Mhz 

My question is that there is any possible fix for that? 

I can manage to fix it by my self? I mean by trying to edit the files in the game that steering wheel will be working properly?

I already get acquainted with information which steering wheels are working with the game but maybe there is a little hope for someone who can't spend that much money on a steering wheel? 

I can tell You that everything on my side (PC is working /Wheel was checked and calibrated/Drivers are up to date)

And also I also attach the picture how much I need to turn the wheel to actually move the wheels of the vehicle so maybe someone will explain me how to fix it.


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11 hours ago, steviejay69 said:

You are using unsupported hardware and EOL software. I wish you well and lots of luck in your endeavours. The driver input type simulates a pad, with all the good and bad that brings.


Thanks for that. I hope somebody had same problem and fixed it somehow. 

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