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[BUG REPORT] Dirt Rally-Error 41 replicated w/steps & video (plus loss of engine sound)


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System Spec
XFX R290 Black OC edition
8gb Corsair XMS Ram @1333
AMD 6 core 6300 black edition overclocked to 4.0ghz
Asus Motherboard (A97 v2.0)

Steps to reproduce
Set up a single event with single race via website. 
Ensure that restart is enabled.
In-game replication notes and video added/uploaded here:


Your recent history of races 
Setup up single league event containing single stage, option to restart enabled (Bidno Moorland using Fiesta ST although both likely are irrelevant)

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
As above

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
End of second run where animation of ST going over the line should have shown.

How long was your current session?
This event only as CTD with error 41 had just occurred so was testing for steps to replicate crash (and loss of engine noise) on restart run again with footage.

Which graphics preset were you using?
1080p / Ultra (if  'ultra' not available as a setting then everything available at highest possible settings)


Bug 1: The first time this happened the restart left me at the Start line with all sounds playing correctly but missing only engine sounds. Road noise, turbo and co-pilot all ok (had this loss of engine sounds a few times over the 60hrs currently played. Previous workaround for this issue was to quit from game and relaunch from Steam library)
Bug 2: Freeze of game when animation of car over finish line should show at end of restarted run, crash to desktop then error 41. (CTD not captured as only capturing in-game footage not full desktop recording). 

The two bugs do not seem inter-dependent as the loss of sound unfortunately did not occur on the recorded 2nd session with restart suggesting two separate bugs.
Exact keystrokes may have varied very slightly i.e. watch replay then load friend leaderboard as example) in both sessions.

Both sessions (with a crash to desktop occurring in both) the same steps were used but with slightly varying results:
Session 1 result: First session on restart experienced from start line no engine noise AND error 41 at finish line (not recorded)
Session 2 result 2. Closed resulting error 41 window relaunched game > league > select stage again then repeat steps outlined with video at the end of the first run. On 2nd session I had full engine (and all other sounds) sound but CTD over finish line still occurred (recorded and uploaded) resulting in the error 41.

Note 1: Also tested in "custom event" with all the exact same car, stage and weather settings and the animation correctly occurs crossing the finish line on the restarted run, save completes and the times/leaderboard is correctly shown as it is at the end of the first completed run. Seems to be an issue in Leagues only.

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I had the same problem.  I completed the first run of a stage in a league.  At the end of the race I clicked on restart and ran the stage again.  When crossing the finish line on the second instead of getting the normal slow-mo of the car going over the line and race results, it froze and crashed back to desktop with the error 41 stating that Steam was too busy.

I didn't lose any sounds or engine noise at any point.

Issue with leagues only.
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I had hte loss of engine thign again yesterday after the 1.6gb patch.
I think the restart is an issue in general just with restart but the leaderboard or maybe replay can lead to the loss of sound. Who knows.  Its fine if the person running the League has allowed event restart as well as stage restart (assuming its a single one stage event) but doesn't help if you can't just restart the stage in the current event. Means after the crash reloading it from steam library and loading the stage again. 
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