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[singleplayer] [PC] AI simulated lap time bug on qualifying session.


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Quick description:
This is a problem that came from F1 2018, it was fixed in a later patch, but it managed to came back on F1 2019 and is yet to be fixed, as of right now, patch 1.22, it was not.
This happens in both, career and in quick race.

The problem:
The problem is that in every qualifying when you fast forward, or click on flying lap, or return to garage, the AI lap times are simulated, even if you just wait for the session to end, doing it in the most boring way, doing a manual flying lap and In lap. The second the qualifying sessions ends the screens go dark and times are simulated.

Edit 1: Notification for replies on this topic is on, any of you who wants to give a more detailed perspective, or point out some related issue, please do.

Edit 2: Previous topic related to this issue: BUG on AI Qualifying LAPS

An video explaining:  Youtube channel Tom97 explaining the issue.


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