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F1 2019 (Xbox) - Track map not showing flags after pressing pause (Spectator)

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Hi there,

Another bug report from my side

Description of issue: In spectator mode (Online) and having the track map on, it usually shows the flags on track and invalid lap times as well. When pressing pause and going back into the game, the flags disappear though for the rest of the race.

Game version: 1.22

Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked

Recreation: Spectate a race in Multiplayer activate the track map, wait until first yellow flag, you will see it, then press pause and it will disappear and also not show future flags.

How often: Every time you press pause.

Accessoires: Xbox One Controller

Clip: For some reason my max size in the attachments is only 5MB anymore, that is too little for the clip, any solutions?

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Hi, thanks for answer.

To answer your questions

1. Yes, it happens on every track.

2. It happens everytime you press pause. So if you do it every session, it happens every session.

I will try that with the video on YouTube, will get back to you.

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