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[IMPROVEMENT] DirectX 12 Support

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With Windows 10 releasing on July 29th and Dirty Rally coming out of early access in November 2015, should Codemasters work on implementing DirectX 12 support? How important is this feature to the rest of you?
If performance improvement estimates are true, this could provide significant benefits not just to the lower-end users, but also for Sim Racers struggling to run high-resolution, triple-screen setups at viable frame rates. In addition, the lower CPU load of dx12 could allow for further physics improvements.

What does the community think? Is DirectX 12 support something you want or think Dirt Rally needs to have? Or should Codemasters rather spend their time on other features?

Note: I was going to make a poll asking about all Graphics API's dx9/10/11/12, Mantle, OpenGL and Vulkan, but this one seemed apt due to the Windows 10 announcement yesterday and Slightly Mad announcing the dx12 update to Project Cars. Also, trying to keep it simple for now. I apologize if this topic has been covered previously, I did search the forums and the net beforehand, but the search didn't come up with anything.
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Voted no, however...

Personal think changing the engine to use Direct X 12 would depend upon CodeMasters future intentions for the game. If the game, at full release, is in it's final incarnation with only a few additional DLC's planed for early 2016, and a follow up game not long after. Then no, dx12 isn't a real priority... Leave it for DiRT Rally 2.

If CM intend to go the full sim route, with future updates spanning 2016/17. Then a game engine update with dx12 etc, would be a welcome major patch for early/mid 2016.
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They should also look into Mantle if they implement DX12.

The most important feature of BOTH Mantle and DX12 is they reduce CPU demand DRAMATICALLY when compared to DX11 and older versions. 

An article on both Mantle and DX12

They both will give people owning an older or less powerful CPU but, who DO own a DX12 or Mantle compatible GPU a fairly impressive fps boost compared to DX11. I heard one person with an AMD 965 Black edition and a 7970 claim a 10% increase in BF4 

For faster CPU's the benefit isn't as great but it's still there, so my votes a definite yes.
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maybe wait until dirt rally 2 comes and first focus on getting dirt rally 1 in good working order with all the cars and stages and sounds etc.They have a lot of work comming.Although if its not to hard to convert the engine to dx 12 i would say yes.
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I voted yes.

But, like others have said...
It's nowhere near a top priority for me, personally speaking.
Although saying that, for those who run in sli, DX12 gives them stacked vram.
So 2 x 3gb cards could actually give them 6gb of usable vram.

There is obviously other benefits(performance) of DX12 over DX11,
but i'd like all the core content to be worked on first.
That to me personally speaking, is a top priority.

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