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Problem for resolution different from that of the desktop to play 3D in 720p ?


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I have a problem to play in 3D !
Forced to play in 1080 with 24Hz , so imput lag abominable !
Thanks for having added 720p but the game does not take into account if the Desktop has a different resolution.
Frankly it is unbelievable of for a game in 2015 !!!!!!!!
Can you check that and allow us to have a different resolution the desktop?
Because right now your game may end up in the trash !
All games allow that so take the necessary because otherwise you will have a bad pub

thank you

Ps : sorry for my very bad English ;-)
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I'm having the same problem. I was able to launch Dirt Rally in Stereoscopic 1080p mode (thanks for the built-in support!), but because I prefer 720p/60 for stereoscopic mode, it will not function. My desktop and non-stereoscopic games run at 1080p, but all stereoscopic games run at 720 for refresh/framerate reasons. And, after I tried it in 720p mode, it exited full-screen mode, would absolutely NEVER go back into full screen, and then refused to let me select the "Stereoscopic Rendering" option to turn it back off. I had to delete my hardware config files and start over...

Anyone had luck in 720p mode? It's gonna be completely unplayable in 1080p/24, so no point bothering to get that working...
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