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Thought I would create this thread for us all to show of some our best, most bizarre and favourite screenshots, pictures etc from games we have played.
These can be original captures, edits or anything else! :)

I'll start things of with a couple of my best pictures from a few different games.

Quite possibly my best picture from DiRT 3:

Two of my favorites from GT6:

Absolutely love this picture, not my best but I love it - GT5:

I look forward to seeing your guys snaps!
I will be sure to post more as and when I take good ones! :)

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Just some old pics from GT5  :D

My profile picture, for many things, and defiantly my favorite pic of the lot.


AI unable to navigate a straight correctly

Going the right...way...?

Who said VWs were slow? 

Stig in pursuit...

Dat air

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