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F1 2019 , Questions how to be quick on a wheel

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  • Smooth inputs - don't jump on the throttle, your just going to spin up the rears (think 20% -> 40% -> 60% -> 100%). 
  • If you have to correct or counter steer, then you're probably being too harsh with the throttle (it'll happen as tires wear too)
  • Short shift in lower gears to get better traction (if your gear selection is turning red when your in first or second gear, you are probably losing traction). Only I have only recently started having as good traction as the AI
  • Downshifting an extra gear just after turn in can help give you a bit more rotation, particularly in chicanes (sometimes it won't and could make you slide - worth experimenting to see how it can help)
  • Brake in a straight line and then ease off the brake as you begin to turn to the apex (trail braking)
  • Corner entry speed doesn't matter too much, the game is all about exit speed

Hope it helps

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Use the steering to trail brake & don't control the rotation of the car with the brake pedal(videogame trail braking). Basically you turn the steering, before releasing brake pressure, to simulate the car rotation. You have to turn the steering, before releasing the brake pressure at the turn in(without abs, you hold at the threshold, turn the steering before easing of the brake).

In order to make the rotation work, carrying more speed allow more "front vertical load & actually increase front traction" with hard braking. It increase entry speed & also make the car actually point for exit at the apex for better acceleration. Remember the statement above that you need to "steer in" in order to make the car rotate.

Early on power(aka late on/off throttle control). Always make sure you use the accelerator pedal after the apex as much as possible to avoid stopping the rotation of the car during the whole entry phase for maximum efficiency.

Bounce the deceleration at the apex. Basically you target the most G force on the deceleration side the physic allow you to do, when you are at the apex. You definitely don't want it straight centered at the apex.

Watch a lot of videogame telemetry & avoid real driving content. 😉

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