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DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.14 Bug Reports


How to post a bug:

Issue: _______

Method of Reproduction:

  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. ______


Platform: _____

PC Build: _____

VR Headset used: ______

Wheel/Pedals used: ______

Message added by PJTierney

  • As mentioned in the letter to the DiRT Rally 2.0 community, the DiRT Rally development team is beginning to ramp up work on future (unannounced) projects.
  • A few very minor updates are planned for DiRT Rally 2.0 before we complete development service on this title.
  • Version 1.15 does not have a set date yet, but do not expect it for a few months at the earliest.
  • In terms of bugfixing, the team will primarily focus on critical and/or game-breaking issues only.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, "important" bugs are ones that adversely and directly affect your driving, major performance drops, crashes etc.
  • As with all modern games, there will be some minor things that simply won't be "fixed".
  • Please bear all of the above in mind before you post, thank you.

Message added by PJTierney

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Playstation 4

Why DiRT Rally 2.0 uses square instead of X ?

At start of game there is "press X" but nothing happens until you press square.

Almost all other PS4 games uses X for proceed and select things.

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Cannot change tyres in service zone, although I should be able to
Platform- PC
I am in Spain, Historic H3 championship, spit blood to get to 3rd place in first 2 stages. Chose new soft tyres in the service zone.
Began the wet stage, realized it was a mistake, quit to main menu and resumed the champoinsip again.
Suddenly I am stuck with the new soft tyres with no option to change them to wet ones. I can still fix the car or tune it so not being able to change tyres does not make sense.

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Issue: Problem with frame buffer, false frames

Method of Reproduction:

  1. Play for a prolonged period of time (at least 20 mins) in any setting, with any car
  2. Every 10 minutes or so a frame that is off appears for a second or so. This is very disruptive to the experience of Dirt Rally 2.0, especially when focusing on the track and suddenly an unexpected frame pops up.


Platform: Xbox One

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Posted (edited)

Hola queria saber si a alguien le paso , que en cada asistencia cuando quiero cambiar los neumaticos ya gastados por unos nuevos nunca me deja...esto me sucede en todos los Clubs...si tengo 3 o 4 areas de servicio durante la etapa del rally, ya en la primer area de servicio me muestra 0/3 o 0/4 como si ya hubiese hecho los cambios de neumaticos, cuando nunca los realice. Eso hace q tenga q correr toda la competencia con las mismas cubiertas. si alguien me puede ayudar le agradezco...muchas gracias98483971_WhatsAppImage2020-07-30at00_31_28.jpeg.ee13f7a83d620e1d4a5ba4a2568c1a5b.jpeg

Edited by tosto87

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