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DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.14 Bug Reports

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How to post a bug:

Issue: _______

Method of Reproduction:

  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. ______


Platform: _____

PC Build: _____

VR Headset used: ______

Wheel/Pedals used: ______

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  • As mentioned in the letter to the DiRT Rally 2.0 community, the DiRT Rally development team is beginning to ramp up work on future (unannounced) projects.
  • A few very minor updates are planned for DiRT Rally 2.0 before we complete development service on this title.
  • Version 1.15 does not have a set date yet, but do not expect it for a few months at the earliest.
  • In terms of bugfixing, the team will primarily focus on critical and/or game-breaking issues only.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, "important" bugs are ones that adversely and directly affect your driving, major performance drops, crashes etc.
  • As with all modern games, there will be some minor things that simply won't be "fixed".
  • Please bear all of the above in mind before you post, thank you.

Recommended Posts

Not specific to this update, but having people on the scoreboards, such as this person who is top of these two RX leaderboards, makes a mockery of the whole game system. If this can happen, and is clearly happening here, then how are we to know that any top times we aspire to beat within the whole game are valid? I only tried 3 stages, and only 1 class of car, and found these 2 glaring errors, I can only assume it's rife.


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Issue: Wipers set to manual mode can suddenly turn completely off mid stage, requiring user input to turn them on, and will keep turning off after some time without any user input for that to happen (controller isn't failing and sending button presses). The only way to go around it is to pause mid-stage enable the Auto Wipers assist, then they'll work flawlessly until the end of the stage. The bug will go away on the next stage.

Happens very rarely, no way to reproduce reliably. I was affected today by it on the 8th stage in Poland of the 2000cc monthly. Bug was already present in 1.13. Please check previous reports on this issue: LINK1 LINK2 LINK3 LINK4

Method of Reproduction: It's very rare random, can happen on rally and RX as long as wiper control is manual

Platform: PC/Steam

PC Build: FX8350/16GB RAM/RX480 8GB/W10 

Wheel/Pedals used: (official) xbox 360 wired controller

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Issue: Green Light Bug - Online Rallycross (RX)

The Green Light Bug (GLB) is a bug that seemingly has been around since DiRT 4, or at least that I'm aware of. In essence it's a bug that gives one or multiple drivers in an online RX race either a disadvantage or an advantage by triggering the green lights earlier or later than they do for the remainder of drivers. The advantageous side is most commonly mistaken as a possible jump-start by spectators, as often seen in the RX Invitations of Spain. However any driver on the grid will know that it's a green light bug, due to drivers getting the notification of a jump-start when a jump-start happens. Therefor when the drivers do not get such a notification, and there is still an immense advantage from one or two drivers on the grid, it can be classified as a green light bug.

Now this bug can often be overlooked, because no one can be certain that someone didn't guess the lights, except the driver that got the advantage. However due to that driver often not noticing the bug, due to being immersed in the racing, it can still prove quite bothersome to detect. 

There are a few versions of this bugs, which range from easily detectable as it advance, detectable after the finish and almost not detectable. The instances that are easily identified is when the moment the "Ready to Race" light goes on, a driver gets the green lights, triggered an immediate start for the rest, after a certain delay. This should be noticeable even to the driver who has gotten the advantage. There are also instances where the results of the race don't align with the results that happened on-track, this can result in gaps being smaller, or even different positions than they were on-track. These instances will almost always be noticed on the results screen. The final group of instances are those that I covered beforehand, where there isn't an immediate jump, but rather a(n) (slightly) earlier one than the other participants, but there also isn't a change in the results screen.

The GLB bug has been around since D4, where it became more and more common as the game's life-cycle progressed, making competitive racing nigh impossible. It has also been around in DR2 since the beginning, but the occurrence rate of the bug were lower than it was in D4, or so we thought. Once the COVID19-crisis hit the world and lockdowns were being engaged, we noticed a steep incline in the number of GLBs. Our main theory at the moment is that it's caused by fluctuating ping between a regular user and the host. This theory first came to be during the days of D4, where it'd mostly occur with people who had massive ping or very irregular ping to the host. With the COVID-crisis, this seemingly confirms there is a correlation between ping and the GLB, considering there were more people using the internet, leading to less stable internet, including less stable ping. However this is simply a guess, since we're by no means experts.

Method of Reproduction:

  1. Create an Online (Multiplayer) Custom Championship
  2. Set up a Rallycross event (Single race is the easiest/fastest)
  3. Wait for at least 2-3 other people (Just so you're not alone)
  4. Start the event
    • This is where it gets tricky, as it's not 100% guaranteed to encounter the bug. 

Platform: N/A (Irrelevant to the bug, occurs on any platform)

PC Build: N/A (Irrelevant to the bug, occurs on any PC)

VR Headset used: N/A (Irrelevant to the bug, occurs on both VR and non-VR)

Wheels/Pedals used: N/A (Irrelevant to the bug, occurs on any setup)

PS: If there are any questions, please direct them to me, I am not sure how clearly I explained all of the above, and if I missed anything or something isn't elaborated properly, I'll try to come back to that as soon as possible.


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3 hours ago, SereneLogic said:

Issue: Green Light Bug - Online Rallycross (RX)

The Green Light Bug (GLB) is a bug that seemingly has been around since DiRT 4, or at least that I'm aware of. In essence it's a bug that gives one or multiple drivers in an online RX race either a disadvantage or an advantage by triggering the green lights earlier or later than they do for the remainder of drivers.

Hey there.

Turns out this was investigated quite a while back and as you rightly imply it's a tricky one to diagnose.

The end result after much investigation is that because of the random nature of this it can't be fixed I'm afraid.

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Issue: the steering wheel of the 205 t16 does not appear in the interior view (cockpit), in all country ( spain, germany, monte carlo, usa...)

Method of Reproduction:

  1. Start a special stage with the Peugeot 205 T16 group B 
  2. Go to cockpit view
  3. The streering wheel does not appear
  4. Try to change view, but the steering wheel bug is still here


Platform: Xbox one S


VR Headset used:  none

Wheel/Pedals used: g29 driver, pedals + Shifter

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5 hours ago, chacaf22 said:

Hi, a big post over here, and I updated with photos to show you some of the issues I had, and my system Specs


Best Regards, and sorry for never ever complain about this before; I seroiously believe someone will find out before; but how everybody races on memory besides Codriver:



We are a couple thatr have been complaining about the co-driver in Scotland. Its actually really weird that they let something like that to pass to begin with. I noticed it as soon as i started a Scotland stage that it was BAD but for some reason everyone at codemasters thought it was a good idea to have such late calls. Going full speed and he calls out a hairpin just so you have time to stop. Now its not as bad since you learn where that hairpin is after doing the stages for a couple of months but still.

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the codriver issue its a thing; I buyed the game as preorder as premiun package, and with little time to play, the only rally I actually do good at first was NZ, and Argentina, with few outs, but still there's a Bridge than always I Overshoot, the note says right 3, buts its a damm wet hairpin, in fact there's haipins more opened in Argentina, now I just hang with one wheel, or scratch the left pillar, before I literally jumped onto the vaccum, and that low contrasst stage than I just have to really overly brake because I didnt see the trail (the one I put the pics in the other post); downhill you see a lot more than uphill, when you started that stage dusk literally its a brown spot than bounces around the screen untill you see some details off the track, outside the ditch, so the stage limits are still unclear, and you just feel'its when you hit them, than gives me an unpleasant game one year ago....

And when S2 ended I just had less time so literally didnt play the game for months, mayble a couple of stage per month, or four every two months, and when corona virus became to be a thing, I begin to enjoy more the game, still are bad calls in every rally, australia have some rythm changes than literally I still crashing at the same spot, less harder, and then... Scotland came horribly calls, literally Horribly, at least in spanish, so horrible than you going on 5th gear flat and brake until 3rd gear or 2nd gear, when the corners itself are for 3 or 4, because they're so late call than if you didn't over brake preventively even before you see the corner, and wait for the callsight,  or you're still on 5gear flatout onto a right 3 in a downhill road with logs outside and bad camber when you're already had to go on 4th maintaing the throttle or 3rd gear at the red line

Yes memory helps a lot, but not everybody have good memory, well I still remember some corners of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 and Colin McRaer Rally 4, even full stages, but now I have to do other things and memorice 50kms of tracks for every location, its not a thing; luckyly Dirt Rally 1 have the half of  same stages so those Stages, I still remeber some of the hard corners, but in new content (For DR2.0, and Greece for example), never raced to much there), Im totally blind, everytime

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Issue: AI difficulty bug in career event

This issue may or may not be related with the "AI difficulty on incorrect tyre choice" issue I reported earlier. The issue this time was discovered later in the same career chapionship (Elite level Group A 4WD championship using the Group A Lancer).

In the USA event, I started off by doing top 3 stage times early in the rally with the Lancer on dry stages. Then after a service came two wet stages. I choice the soft tyre for this, for best grip. Knowing I was on the soft tyre, and very confident in the Lancer which handles really well, I expected the fight with the AI to keep on as usual. The Lancer did handle beautifully, I could drive it like dry stage, I barely felt any difference from the dry stages. Still, the AI field absolutely destroyed me. Rest of the rally was dry and with my usual pace I was again setting top 4 stage times.

Compared to the pace I had in the dry stages early in the rally when I was fighting among the top AI, I was maybe a handful seconds slower per stage in the wet. But somehow the AI beats me with about 25 seconds in the wet. And since I was on the grippiest tyre (soft), the AI pace cannot be explained by them using grippier tyres.

Method of Reproduction:

  1. Drive career championship on Elite level (I used the Group A 4WD Lancer)
  2. In a gravel event where the first few stages are dry, drive the stages against the AI to compare the relative pace
  3. When wet stages are coming up, drive at the same pace and compare the stage times against the AI

Platform: Steam

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Issue: Missing pacenote on the Verbundsring stage

With English pacenotes, I often get a missing pacenote. It's a "turn 1 left" in the uphill section at about 60% distance. If you turn on the pacenote visuals, you see the pacenote but it is not spoken.

I just did a slow run through the stage in order to pinpoint the exact location, but then the pacenote was actually spoken. So it seems it's not always missing (related to how fast you are going?), but usually it is missing for me.

The same pacenote is also missing in Hammerstein (the long stage that includes Verbundsring).

Method of Reproduction:

  1. Drive Verbundsring/Hammerstein at fast pace with English pacenotes (could be that your speed affects whether the pacenote is missing or not, so use a fast car)
  2. In the uphill section at about 60% distance, notice that the pacenote for the "turn 1 left" is not spoken

Platform: Steam

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I don't see my issue in this topic, and did a quick google search but didn't find anything

Issue: Event Times being reset in AI Events (multiple stages), after quitting to Main Menu

Method of reproduction:

1) I'm playing the monthly AI event (New-Zealand) (But it also happened on the weekly Group B AI event)

2) After racing a stage and quitting to the main menu, the event times are reset to 20 min per stage

3) [see screenshot] Until today I've played 5 stages of this event. When I started today everybody had an event time of 100 minutes (5 times 20).

4) [see screenshot] I played staged 6 and quit to the main menu after finishing it. My time is 100+stage 6

5) [see screenshot] I play and finish stage 7 and now my time is 120 (6 times 20) + stage 7

Platform: PlayStation 4


DiRT Rally 2_0_20200518174728.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200518175343.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200518175356.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200518180116.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200518180132.jpg

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On 5/6/2020 at 9:30 PM, HoksuHoo said:

Issue: In rallycross qualifying the random times from the other heats are far faster than the AI drivers on track. This is a critical and/or game-breaking issue because it completely destroys singleplayer rallycross, you cannot have decent singleplayer racing because the difficulty is badly mismatched, difficulty level of the random times is far higher than that of the physical AI drivers. Being faster than the AI drivers but finishing 16th in every race is not good racing

Method of Reproduction:

  1. Start singleplayer rallycross qualifier, set difficulty to say 80
  2. It happens on many different tracks but Killarney is especially bad. Also Silverstone
  3. Complete the heat, compare the times of the drivers in your heat to the randomized times from other heats

Here is one example. AI drivers are 2:45-2:47 level while random times are 2:29-2:34. They should be about the same level but there is a 4 second per lap disparity, which is enormous.



Platform: Steam

PC Build: 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z, 1440p 60Hz

VR Headset used: Nope

Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G920+shifter

I am having the same problem. In career mode I just won all four races (two by a big margin), but only placed 16th overall, meaning I didn't qualify for the semi-final. This only seems to have happened since the last update. Very frustrating! 

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It's been like that for much long than this patch, and HoksuHoo has been reporting it consistently but apparently nothing has been done to solve it defintely. But you'll probably only notice it at Elite or Masters level (or somewhere >80% in free play) where semi-final times can become way out of reach for your qualifier pace, it's a bit random, but sometimes it can be 5-25s.

To me it completely breaks the RX vs. AI in this game, unless I wish to run against exceedingly slow AI on qualifiers on free play. :classic_sleep:

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Orinigally posted/replied on march 25th, and still having the SAME issue on Scotland with the french codriver's pacenote too late and the sound too weak...

  On 3/25/2020 at 7:32 AM, MadDogYT said:

Me to

Sound problems !? the sound (announcements copilot / Tanja Geilhausen) is constantly loud and quiet! what's going on there..!?? Engine / exhaust sound sounds strange!

I Hope for Support!

der Ton (Ansagen Copilotin /Tanja Geilhausen) wird ständig laut und leise!  
was ist da los..!??
Motor/Auspuffsound klingt seltsam!

Ich hoffe auf Unterstützung!

Same sound problem here (steam version) (french co-driver) only in Scotland (copy/past of the steam thread) :

- sync is completly off, so I almost drive "blind" (on every Scotland stages there's a moment where the codriver is calling way after i made the turn or anything)
- his voice is bugged/undermixed (still only on Scotland stages), so it's difficult to ear him
- errors in directions (left instead of right, parts missing)
me issue

Edited March 25 by Atticus595"

The patch didn't fix anything on my side...

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Sometimes when doing a daily and you repair the car its still a little bit damaged before you even done a shakedown. I have no idea how to reproduce it and i wasnt sure until today that it was a bug and not me just forgetting but today i got 100% sure that i took recommended repairs and i still had minor body damage. When i did recommended repair i had more damage than just bodywork though so it fixed some of it.


PC, steam

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19 hours ago, grandslam870 said:

I am having the same problem. In career mode I just won all four races (two by a big margin), but only placed 16th overall, meaning I didn't qualify for the semi-final. This only seems to have happened since the last update. Very frustrating! 

I have been playing since September and it has been happening the whole time. And yes, I have reported it in every bug report thread since September, and posted about it on various other threads concerning RX and RX AI, but Codies just don't give a toss. It's frustrating all right, completely ruins singleplayer rallycross.

Just boggles the mind that they would include many fine RX cars and tracks but make them unplayble in singleplayer because of effing randomized times in qualifying. You'd think it wouldn't be nuclear science to make the randomized times somewhat same level as the AI drivers. Hell they could change the randomized times so that they are only ever as fast as the top driver in your heat. That would be a very crude, unsophisticated measure that definitely should not be necessary to professional game developers, but since they can't get the randomized times to work, that would at least make singleplayer RX playable so it would be a huge improvement.

For Dirt Rally 3 I hope they leave rallycross out completely. A sad thing to say as someone who likes rallycross a lot, but it's just not worth including when you can't race it in singleplayer, and Codemasters don't care if it works or not

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I think the random AI is good with 2018 cars. I won 9 of 12 races with 100% difficulty. The only place where the random AI is too strong is Mettet.

It's another story with 2019 cars. Random times are too fast everywhere.

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With 100% difficulty maybe. With lower difficulty, or lower level than masters in career, nope. Randomized time are all over the place, and not only with 2019 cars. 2019 supercars seem to be where it's the worst, but the randomized times being way faster than the AI drivers is definitely not exclusive to them, I have seen it happen with all the other RX classes as well.

Here is one example which I reported. Silverstone, 2018 supercars, elite championship in career. And yeah, the very same staggering 4 second per lap disparity.



4 seconds per lap on a very short 1km track. 4 seconds per kilometer would mean 28 seconds on Spa, 54 seconds on Le Mans, over a minute on the longest rally stages in DR2.0, 1 minute and 23 seconds on Nordschleife. Just to put to perspective how far off the mark the randomized times are.

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Issue: Not receiving achievment after buying all Group B 4WD vehicles

Method of Reproduction:

  1. Bought all cars, but did not receive achievment

Platform: PS4
VR Headset used: No
Wheel/Pedals used: No

For how much i understand there is no diference if i buy new or used vehicles!? 

Scrolling through forums only found that there was a bug with this in earlier patches...

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Issue: Wipers stop when engine stalls

When engine stalls, the wipers stop. This should not be the case since ignition is still on when the engine stalls. If you are driving a stage with big jumps like those in Finland, and use left foot braking to stabilize the car you may stall the engine while taking off over a jump. The engine will restart immediately as you land but the problem is this: if you are unlucky with the timing, when going airborne the wipers may just be about to complete a "wipe" and then they will stop while you are airborne and not come on until you land and the engine restarts. In heavy rain, you will very quickly get a windscreen full of water while you are airborne and the visibility will be very bad until you have landed, the engine has restarted and the wipers have completed their first wipe.

If you (like me) like to use left foot braking for stabilizing the car, this will catch you out and may cause you to lose control if the car gets unsettled during landing.

Method of Reproduction:

  1. Use a car with manual shifter and manual wiper control
  2. Turn wipers on during a stage
  3. Stall the engine (either stopping the car in gear or left foot brake when going over a jump) and notice that the wipers also stop

Platform: Steam

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I oppologise in advance because this isn't going to be laid out how you want it but I don't know where else to post this.

I'm playing on ps4 with a controller if that helps.


I've had a message pop up 2 or 3 times after finishing a race now, it says something like there is a discrepancy between your profile and the server or something? 


Then it deletes all your data from a whole career rally championship and you get nothing. I last had this literally 30 minutes ago, I had finished the whole championship, thats 6 events consisting of at least 6 stages each (sometimes 8 stages), I won the whole thing, i had like 4 1sts, a 3rd and a 2nd I think so I should have been paid like 200,000-300,000 credits for that, but I got nothing.


This has happened at least twice, maybe 3 times now, but I think the first time it happened I had only done maybe 1 event out of the championship so I didn't loose too much.


So I'm down at least 400,000 credits leaving me with less than 100,000. Not enough to buy any decent car, just enough to keep rallying and repair my car along the way. 


The game is getting very boring now since I like to do 2 championships then get a different car and start again but I can't, I have to use the same car because I can't afford another.

I'm not really willing to replicate this as it means I've lost another few hundred thousand again.


Hopefully something can be done about this but I doubt anything will. Ive got decent Internet as well, 72mp/s, sometimes drops down to 50mp/s.




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