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Bug Report - Replays get stuck at one camera view


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System Spec
512mb ATI Radeon 5670
8GB Ram

Steps to reproduce
Happened several times

Your recent history of races 
I think it was Custom Event mode

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
Was playing Greece and Monaco maps on separate occassion

How long was your current session?
An hour

Which graphics preset were you using?
Low to Medium

Basically when you replay, there is a "TV Mode" as I would like to call it, where the replay will automatically change views (top down, Helicopter camera, in-car, etc) on its own...I notice that when it reaches the view of the right hand side tyre, it gets stuck and doesn't move to any other view anymore until you change the view and back again. Small matter but replays in Dirt 2 is what made me love your game...although the replay in Dirt 3 wasn't as good...and now Dirt Rally's replay is worse in comparison...I gave up hope on this. But we need to fix it at least ;)
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