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[PS4][SOUND] Turning Down Replay Music Also Turns Down In-Event Menu Music

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A short description of the problem:

Replays have an option menu that remembers your preferences; though your music preference isn't saved (you can't keep it turned off), supposedly because it's meant to load a random track each time.

The problem is, turning down the Replay Music in Audio options also turns down all in-event music. I'm assuming this isn't intentional.

This includes:

  • After-stage music, i.e. the leaderboards and the menu from which you select 'View Replay' etc.
  • Loading screens
  • Basically all music except for the main menus
  • This goes for all event types, either on- or offline

What you're left with arethe new loading and post stage sound effects added in patch 1.14. I wish they were more subtle since they can't be turned down/off.

Platform you’re on: PS4 Pro 

Game Version: Since 1.13; which is when I started playing

Game Mode: Once you enter any game mode, until you return to the main menu

Any accessories you are using: Dualshock 4 v2


This video shows Replay Music being turned off, after which all in-event music is muted. It also shows the main menu music being muted, but that only happens the first time you turn down the Replay Music, and doesn't persist.

The gameplay is from the Colin McRae DLC, but as mentioned, all in-event music is muted when Replay Music is turned off, in any mode, whenever you boot up the game.


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