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Stadia - Single Player - Qualifying Bug

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I've been encountering this issue, for the very first time, today. I'm playing single-player events, and it has happened to me twice this morning, the second time I managed to get screenshots of the progress the issue was taking.

The first picture was taken coming up to the finish line during qualifying. As you can see, well on course to beat the time set by Rasmus.

The second picture shows the results. I'm right at the top, Rasmus in second. No penalties, everything as it should be.

The third picture was the start of the grid when the race itself followed. There I am, right at the back, with Rasmus not even in pole position.

As I said, this is the first time I have come across this issue. I play the game on Stadia, and it has been an absolutely perfect experience so far. You can see I'm player level 122 (if that's how you're counting those that reached 100 and continued!). The events in question, European Ferrari F430 Challenge Cup was the first I encountered this on, but didn't get any screenshots, then it happened again on the American Ferrari F430 Challenge Cup, for which I got these screenshots. Both events are in the base game Invitational category.

I repeat, this hasn't happened online, just in single-player.

Here's hoping this isn't something that's going to continue..

(I did already post this as a reply to another thread but thought I was also open a dedicated threat. Sorry if incorrect to do so!)




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Would like to report that I'm also having this problem. New install on Xbox One X (actually purchased it today) and have started to notice that although I'm qualifying first, I'm starting at the back. Adds to the challenge but would be nice if this was fixed.

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Is there an update on this issue? 

I have encountered this problem several times today on various races in single player/career mode. (Stadia) 

Getting a bit frustrated to be honest as it makes some of the career events almost impossible to complete without turning the difficulty down.

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