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F1 2019 (Xbox) - Weekly Event start time incorrect?

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Hi there, as I was playing the weekly event I noticed one thing. On the menu where you have countdown ticking down for the matchmaking, it says event start time: 15:10. 

When I got into a race, I noticed, the start time ingame is awful lot earlier, so I checked in the Replay later on with the help of photo mode and saw that it started at 5:10, which makes quite a difference to the lightning.

Game version: 1.22

Game mode: Multiplayer - Weekly Event

Recreation: Go into a weekly event race, you will see it is quite early, check the replay and with the photo mode you can see the actual ingame time, which in one case was 5:10.

How often: I did a total of 8 races this weekend, and in 7 races the start time was early in the morning (even when I raced at 21:00 CET). There was only one race where it actually started at 15:10 and that was at 15:00 CET (makes kind of sense).

Accessoires: Xbox One Controller

Screenshot showing the ingame time with the help of photo mode (5:09)


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