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Original Colin McRae fan - Now a Dirt 2.0 VR fan

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Yes I guess I'm fairly old as I had the original Colin McRae on PC. How things have moved on since then. Having got into VR in recent years, I've regained my love for racing thanks to Dirt Rally & Dirt Rally 2.0.  I'm not very good but I still enjoy racing and I'm seeing small improvements the more I play (still getting use to the wheel and pedals having used controllers for many years). I sometimes I live stream, so if you want to see some bloke crashing/rolling a lot in Dirt Rally, then look me up.



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I enjoy Dirt Rally 1 in VR. I saw a lot of complaints about the VR in Dirt Rally 2, but maybe it's been sorted out with patches - do you think it works well now? I'd still like to try it eventually. (I've got Oculus Rift CV1)

Also, Is it worth it if I already have Dirt Rally 1, have you found much improvement, especially in VR?


EDIT: Yes, Colin McRae Was also a great game 🙂


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