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Bug Report: Pike's Peak League Time Issue


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A league mate reported his slower second time on his Pike's Peak run was uploaded to the league leaderboards.

I have reproduced this by running a faster first run, followed by a slow second run. The second run was uploaded even tho my first run was faster. I have also tried putting down a fast first run and then DQ on my second run and was given the 30min default time, regardless of my first fast run.

I also tried to reproduce this in custom events and championships, but this only happens in league. The other modes use the fastest time as they should.

System Spec
nVidia 580 Ti
8gb RAM

Steps to reproduce
(eg Game Mode > Stage > Car > Camera view > distance into stage)
1) Start league season with a single hill climb event, single stage, Pike's Peak Mixed Surface, Full Course
2) Run league event 
3) On run one set a fast time
4) On second run set a slower time, or DQ
5) Observe second run gets uploaded to the league leaderboard, regardless of a faster first time

Your recent history of races 
(Mode, Vehicle, Track, Conditions)
Pike's Peak Mixed Surface, Full Course, Pug 405, Afternoon sunny

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
(Stage name)
Pike's Peak Mixed Surface, Full Course

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
(How and where did it happen?)

How long was your current session?
(how long had you been playing for roughly?)
The one stage

Which graphics preset were you using?
(you can view this in game from the main menu)
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