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Trophy for Buying cars And DLC cars

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I am having some problems with some trophies related to cars:

- Buy 5 cars (any car)

- Buy all cars from group B (5 cars).


I buy more than 5 cars, trophy did not pop up.

I buy all 5 cars from group B, trophy did not pop up.


I buy all and installed all the DLC cars and tracks in my main account(USA account).

When i go to my secondary account (European account that i play for trophies), the tracks of the DLC are there, but the cars did not appear in my garage 😞

I just buy the DLCs to get the specific trophies using the DLC cars.


If  i enter in my main account, the cars are there in the garage, but not in my secondary account.


Could anyone help me please?




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