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Dirt Rally 2.0 Season 1/2 DLC on Steam can't be this expensive?

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So I'm reallying enjoying Dirt Rally 2.0 and bought the base game back in 2019 on Steam. I also picked up the the season 3/4 DLC and Flat out pack on sale (£6.69 bargain!) a couple of months ago.

I would like to complete the DLC and get seasons 1/2 content which I'm missing. Looking on Steam I can't see an option to buy season 1/2 as a bundle, but only buy the cars and track individually for £95.37! 😂

I could re-buy the 'DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition' which seems to have the base game with all the DLC for £44.99, so what is going on here?  If I've totally misunderstood and there is an option to buy season 1/2 somwhere I appologies in advance :classic_biggrin: Thanks!


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