Track extension seems to be a genuine problem (Inside Kerb of Turn 2, Inside Kerb of Turn 6 & 7, Exit Kerb of Turn 13).   The way the 2020 ingame car behaves to kerbs though, that seems to be perfectly fine. If you saw the entire video of Tiametmarduk, he did spin when taking too much kerb at full throttle.   Codemasters needs to work on Track Limits.   Bahrain Layout: Turn2 Leclerc: Turn2 Tiametmarduk: Turn2 Exit Leclerc: Turn2 Exit Tiametmarduk: Turn6 Leclerc: Turn6 Tiametmarduk: Turn7 Leclerc: Turn7 Tiametmarduk: Turn7 Exit Leclerc: Turn7 Exit Tiametmarduk: Turn13 Exit Leclerc: Turn13 Exit Tiametmarduk:   PS: Why are the tracklights on during daytime? This was a issue back In F1 2019 the game as well.
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