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Ricciardo to Mclaren

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I think Sainz beats Leclerc in a straight fight same car equal machinery.  If Ferrari get involved then Leclerc wins because he’s the chosen one. But Sainz is as quick if not quicker the Leclerc. Ferrari need Leclerc to be a Verstappen or Hamilton and I just don’t think he is and if that the case Sainz will be all over Leclerc. They’ll be fireworks come 2021. Sainz will not back down, he’s fought to hard for this opportunity in a front running team. And if it rains Leclerc won’t get anywhere near Sainz, Sainz is on the top table on F1 when it comes to driving in the rain. He’s up there with Verstappen, Hamilton and Himself when the rain falls. I’m calling it now....Sainz bets Leclerc. Leclerc will have the edge in qualifying but come Sunday I think Sainz has him.

It reminds me of when Jenson signed for McLaren with Hamilton already there. Everybody wrote Jenson off but he went in there made the team his own and beat Hamilton fair and square, even though Jenson couldn’t get near Hamilton In Qualifying. Sunday’s count the most. Vamos Carlos!





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Maybe a little bit late. But put Steiner to Mclaren next season and MClaren will is my dream team! :3 

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