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VFL F1 [PS4] [Season 3] Friday 10pm BST [F1 2020] - Season starts 24/07 - looking for around 4 more drivers to make our top tier more solid, maybe introduce a 2nd tier again would need 25 to sign up by 17th July

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Right its that time again coming to the end of the season so will be looking at recruiting more drivers, we will take on any types of drivers from the new inexperienced to most experienced drivers on wheels. The game will be released early for some but for everyone will be July 10th, so the season will start on 24th July.

Currently have in the process of 1 league GP1. Always looking to expand, we are only looking for committed drivers so if you feel want Full-time seat but can't put full 22 races in the season. Will be looking at 5 more drivers for our top tier and maybe introduce the 2nd tier at the time will be needing a total of 25 people to sign up by 10th July for this to be introduced for season 3


League! League Times 

One race per week on FRIDAY evenings: 22:00 GMT  

Lobby open and invites sent 22:15 GMT  

Qualifying Immediately after Qualifying - Race.



if this league suits you please join the discord server below, Rules and sign-ups applications are on the server.


any issues or link broken please contact Original96#2115 will sort it out another way for you.

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