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[GRID 2019] Flashbacks still allowed in official record times...?

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I know there was a thread or two about this before but I really can't get my head around why this hasn't been fixed. It's SUPER ESSENTIAL for a racing game where you have a time attack mode. How can it be allowed to submit lap times to the official leaderboard if you used flashbacks? It should definitely invalidate the current lap if a flashback has been used.

I was playing around with the flashback feature to see if there is any loss in using it and it seems there is, but it's very, very small. I compared when driving through a split point on a straight with high speed, flashbacked a couple of seconds before and drove through it again to find out that the time difference was varying between 0.05-0.1s. If that's the penalty for using flashback, there will be no competition for laps longer than like 40 seconds as it's pretty easy to do an almost perfect lap. I have always been a fan of the GRID games as I love the driving feeling more than other racing games but I can't understand how you failed on this very basic thing. The only reasonable reason I can see for this problem is that when you released the game you forgot to invalidate laps using flashback, and when you found it out it would be required to clear all record times as you don't log during the laps if flashbacks were used or not. So to keep the user base you decided to leave it as it is.

So sad to see the top racing game developers (in my eyes) not giving enough space for UX. The multiplayer experience has been horrible in every GRID game, I'll make a separate post about that. Sorry for the rant but I just can't believe after all these years how you can't be focusing more on keeping your user base.

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