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[GRID 2019] Multiplayer & misc feedback

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As I mentioned in a previous post I'm a big fan of the game but it saddens me to see so many flaws that in my opinion are very basic for a racing game. 

  1. No ghost mode to see how record times were done.
  2. As a host, I want to be able to cancel the current round whenever I want and proceed to the next one.
  3. Very long loading times (I know, probably not much you can do about it but maybe cache a bit more if I'm playing something I played earlier the same session).
  4. Possibility to skip XP summary after multiplayer races. This screen delays the loading time a lot before you arrive in the lobby or start loading the next race. I can skip in singleplayer, so maybe add the same for multiplayer.
  5. Possibility to skip the scoreboard summary after each race (the 20 seconds are pretty useless and add time to the already long loading screen following it).
  6. Related to the previous one: I only want to see the loading screen for the next map after a round is finished instead of three (incl. XP summary).
  7. When looking at leaderboards for different maps and cars, Please remember my selection so I don't have to reselect all the parameters every time. For example, if I choose "Okutama GP", "Sprint", "R26" and decide I want to see the times for the "Grand Circuit" instead it's another 27 clicks before I reach that option. It would've been just two clicks if it remembered what I just chose 5 seconds ago.
  8. I'm usually playing time attack with my friends cycling between a few maps and there's no way to disable vehicle collision. This means that sometimes you'll collide with the one in front of you if you're both having good runs but you're a tiny bit faster. Someone has to give up their current lap for the other player (did you even try time attacks?).
  9. When I create a game and choose a vehicle category I would love to see all available cars in that category (just a simple list would be fine). Now I have to memorize them class by class. I can, however, see the cars when the event is created, which makes me jump back and forth until I find the car that's on my mind.
  10. Neither I nor my friends can find any option to save a replay. You can watch it after a race (singleplayer only?) but there's no way for me to show my friends how I'm doing a specific lap And show my split times (as replays hide the UI AFAIK) unless I'm streaming to services, such as Twitch (which allows to save videos), which lowers my performance in-game.

That's what's on the top of my mind right now. I know many of these are simple implementation fixes and I'd highly appreciate if you'd fix some of them (e.g. save (and cut) replays + no-collision mode) and as a UX/UI designer, I'd be happy to help out if there's anything I can do (no, I'm not looking for a job. I'm just passionate about the game :classic_wink:).

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