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McLaren GT3 Rim and 'button 8' (PC)

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Decided to finally give GRID 2019 a go, and did the first race. Once I got that done and sorted out settings, I decided to give the career a go.

But I can't buy a car, because I can't hold button 8, because there isn't a button 8 on the Fanatec McLaren GT3 rim.

Anyone else willing to confirm/deny this?

P.S I made a fancy excel spreadsheet for DiRT Rally 2.0, mapping the numbered buttons to what they are on a Fanatec Hub. I've then done the same for what I can for the GT3 rim on GRID. Sadly my Fanatec hub is back in Germany awaiting repair!


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Hi carrot, I noticed that buttons 8 and 7 used to be there (on the red toggle up positions) but after I updated the McLaren wheel firmware these buttons changed to 34 and 33. If you rollback to the previous GT3 wheel FW, buttons 8 and 7 should be there.... Hopefully.

Luckily I've been going through a huge overhaul of my wheel labels... Otherwise I've no idea how you'd find this sort of thing out.... Possibly published by Fanatec somewhere deep in their forums, but they sure like to keep us guessing don't they!?!

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