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[PC] League starts today! All welcome

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7pm races will be on Mon, Wed and Fri

Full season, 50%, saves points, AI stand in, 70 driver difficulty.

30 min prac, One shot qual 50% race

Mostly Simulation settings.

Notable Exceptions

  • Pit assist OFF
  • Parc ferme OFF
  • formation lap OFF
  • Safety car OFF
  • Ghosting OFF
  • Rules and flags ON
  • Corner cuts regular
  • Drive how you want!

Ive been trying to get into a few leagues myself recently, not been successful, just love racing and the game. This will go on even if im racing against the AI.

Hope you can join!

My 2018 unranked 5 lap championship lobbies have been a real success over the last few weeks with seeing a lot of familiar gamertags. However in 2018, the season seems to crash and i cant contine the gamne error N06 ?? So ive branched here to see if its any better.

Search for CovidLockDownCup or add me as statix through steam.

Race 1  - Australia - Complete

RR - Many seemed to join the lobby during practice but were not present for the race. Im not sure how this works yes, im sure i set the lobby to open so anyone can join at any time, just wait for the respective sessions. If it doesnt work like this then ill try to fix. In the end a decnet race till lap 17/29 where from the AI smashing into me at the start from behind forcing me to pit (never been able to understand why they sometimes do this) i managed to beast a load of laps to bring it into some sort of points contention. Hit p5 as highest position with an estimate of a 14th join for my final pit. Was looking great till 2 cars collided at turn 11 and 12 caused them to almost to come to a stand still, who was coming round that corner at nearly 200 . . .well me whats who and ended my race. If you were the 4-5 that entered and left, ill be playing regularly dont be shy. Till next time!


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