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[BUG REPORT] DiRT Rally - Game not saving progress


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Crosspost from steam forums

System Spec
CPU: Intel i7 - 920 @2/67GHz
Video: Radeon HD 6950
Memory: 6GB Ram
Windows 8.1 Pro

Steps to reproduce
Seems very inconsistent. It can occur after hours or minutes of gameplay at from various stages of the game. Sometimes it doesn't save if I exit midway through a rally (either after a race or from the staging area). Sometimes it doesn't save if I complete a rally, return to the menus, buy a new car and start another rally. If I go back it is still on the previous rally without no recollection of me completing it and purchasing a new car.  

Your recent history of races 
Career mode, 1960's vehicles mostly but it has lost my progress into 70's vehicles and clubman promotion a couple of times now.

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
Not saved whether I exit after a stage, midway or completion of a career mode even

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
Progress disappears when I exit the game and start it again. I have let steam do the synchronising before starting the game again.

How long was your current session?
Varies in time scales. See steps to reproduce.

Which graphics preset were you using?

Is anybody else getting issues with saving? I have found bits online but only about people who have edited their XML files which I haven't done.
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