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Racenet friends/leaderboard

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Wondering if any one can explain ehy i cant get my racenet friends to show on the leaderboard in game? 

I can Only see my ps4 friends on the leaderboard, and thats realy anoying cause it is a crossplay game and the Most of my friends play on steam or Xbox... 

The sme thing about Custom races i can Only play whit my ps4 friends.

So are i dont something wrong or is it supose to be like this even when its crossplay ???

Why dont codemaster Kinect the game thru racenet that everyone use instead of Only the differnt Platforms?


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Same problem here and it's really shame it doesn't work like that. It would be expected for RaceNet to be main source of multiplayer content and destined to connect friends across all platforms. I play from steam and I can see friends from PS4 on global leaderboards of challenges but not in "friends" filter. The same goes with clubs. I have PS4 friends connected through RaceNet and we are in club. So leaderboards of club-events show them on "global" filter but not on "friends" filtering. That would be huge improvement of crossplatform multiplayer experience and fun to compare results with one click.

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