Thanks for all of the feedback so far everyone. We're looking into some of these issues now.  In terms of delta times, we're not considering adding this in at the moment as the data should exist for everyone to do what they need. As stated above, delta time has so many different approaches and uses that it isn't something that we can add in to accommodate everyone's own use case. For example, there have been requests for the gap to the car in front, pitting delta, realtime delta used in Time Trial. Even something a simple as gap to the car in front comes with lots of design interpretation to make it work correctly: If we simply work out the gap time gap between each car passing the specified point in the circuit, how do we interpolate between differences in track position reported by the car as these don't usually align? What happens when cars enter the pit lane or go off track? Do we consider using predictive deltas, or based them retrospectively on cars passing the same point in the track? What happens if you are not racing the car in front due to lapping them or alternative pitting strategies? What happens if cars are on in-laps or out-laps? ... and so on. The game already uses a few different approaches to delta times and even more have been suggested by the community. As each one is a subjective design choice, we prefer to just provide the lap and time data and let you all choose how to use this. We'll provide an update on the various changes and bug fixes ahead of the next beta phase. Thanks.
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