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Škoda 130 LR & Škoda 130 RS

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I know im not the fisrt who suggest this, but i think it needs to be reminded. 

We need Škoda 130 LR and 130 RS in some rally game and the Dirt Rally 2.0 would be the perfect setting. Yes these cars were small, had small engines, look a bit comunistic, but they were ultimate machines and were respected by other manufacturers. They won a lot of races including the famous Group B (Škoda 130 LR). https://www.skoda-motorsport.com/en/the-turkish-miracle-when-a-skoda-130-lr-beat-the-group-b-rally-monsters/

Please Codemasters, I know the Dirt Rally 2.0 saga is coming to an end, but this wolud be an amazing finish. These cars were never put in any game and you have the oportunity to be the first. 
You have the power to bring these cars back to the light from their dark corners. Make our dreams come true 🙂



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