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PC F1 2019: British Racing League! Good Casual Racers Needed!!!!

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Non British racers are also welcome!

Discord community link: https://discord.gg/PaRWam2

Hi Racers!

GOOD CASUAL RACERS WELCOME! We want good, clean racing, nothing too serious!

We are looking for new racers to join our league! here are the requirements:

- Races take place every Tuesday/Thursday 8PM (GMT)

- We race NO ASSISTS (except racing line can be turned on!) (auto ERS/pits also enabled)

- 25% races, 8 tracks per league season

- Top 10 in leaderboards secure position for following league

- Everyone else has to qualify in contenders race before new league begins (allows us to fairly filter out the inactive racers)



Please contact either myself (Peeky) or my friend (Bunky) on discord if you have any questions.


Look forward to seeing some of you in the league, new league is starting in a few days so be sure to get in now if you want to start with us! 🙂




Fellow Racer.

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