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Reving engines causes sound crackling

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Hello, I have a problem with the sound in DIRT RALLY:

Revving the engine of the mini cooper into the limiter causes bad crackling / sound distortion for me. I have tried high and low audio settings no effect. I am running a Realtek HD onboard sound card on WIN 7 64 with the latest drivers.

Crackling occurs on my desktop Audiophile M-AUDIO speakers (active speakers with power connection), on the phillips headphones (via speakers) and over HDMI cable to TV to amp to teufel speakers.
The Abarth 131 also crackles in mid to high revs. all other sounds are fine, it is just the revs on these two cars (up to now). I have tried e.g the subaru impreza which does not suffer from this. sound bug.

Today I installed the latest drivers for realtek: 0005-64bit_Win7_Win8_Win81_Win10_R278.exe with no effect.

Otherwise a very awesome game! keep up the good work!

M. Murphy

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So I talked to my colleague today who has a very good understanding of audio hi fi etc... he told me that the crackling occurs because the signal my sound card is emitting is far to high for the tweeters to process. The magnets of the tweeters are fed to much power due to the fact that my sound card is not filtering the high tones enough. This can destroy the tweeters.
I have ordered a proper sound card and will see if that solves the problem. Asus Xonar D2. I will post my feedback in a few days.


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Your friend misunderstood Your description, or You were not good enough at describing things ;). Judging from Your post, he perfectly explained speakers overdrive, which is something completely different to what we encounter here - note that "our" crackling happens no matter how silent or loud in game sound level is. So You don't have to worry about damaging Your hardware.
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