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Front Wing : 1, Rear Wing : 9


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I'm rediscovering gaming thanks to Covid and this time around I have a wheel and an xbox live account.

I've been an F1 fan for many years and have been playing F1 2017 / 18 offline for a while so I feel I know roughly what each track calls for. 

My approach is to select a preset based on the nature of the circuit and refine it during testing. Normally a few tweeks here and there and I'm happy. 

Now I can see rival setups in Time Trial. They are making my setups look very plain and boring. People are obviously approaching this very differently.

One thing I specifically wanted to ask about as per thread title is running practically no front wing and a ton of rear wing. This is really extreme. People are setting up this huge disparity in load between the front and rear aero and then they are engineering their way around this imbalance in the chassis. To my surprise, the car does turn in and good lap times can be achieved.

However it occurs to me that there must be a reason to go at it this way.

Is it a compromise so that you can still lap well when you inevitably damage your front wing in multiplayer?

Is it simply a way to gain straight line speed? 

Is this a Time Trial / 5-lap special setup? or are people driving career / longer races this way?

I only started using a wheel a couple of weeks ago. Also I am braking with my left foot for the first time. I am not yet good enough to lap consistently enough to judge small setup increments so it's difficult for me to choose between setups. I am finding that these extreme setups are as quick or quicker on a good lap than my more conservative setups but they are more difficult to drive consistently.

(No assists, AI difficulty ~94)

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Sadly the front wing 1and rear wing 12 was introduced around patches 1.04 for f12019. 

When I pre ordered senna vs prost 3 days early access ps4 using a t300.

The setups worked brilliant  and the wings settling worked like in real like 

Pad vs wheel was equal. Hooray  I hear thou .

But pad users were struggling so much before patch 1.04 that codemasters decided to change core of f12019. 

Even assists worked as they should.

Then from patch 1.04 onwards it went downhill faster then a then z fat guy on a skateboard. 

Ffb for wheel users got so bad at one point that in MULTIPLAYER. No one actually used the  F1 cars from 2019.

Codemasters responded with this is a game for all ages 3 years plus .

What 3 year old do you know that races on f12019. 

Then again codemasters responded with pad users make up 70% of sales whereby wheel users makes up sales of 30% 

Why do fanatec the FFB wheel specialists sponsor codemasters and in the f12019 game. There are billboards with fanatec plastered everywhere in the game.

To cut along story short the game core was drastically changed to accommodate pad users. 

If you remember in only 6 weeks from f12019 being released it was half price. 

Many many many good people posted above the issues.

Some even posted proper information about the difference in grip levels between pad vs wheel on ps4 and xbox.

Its only in last 2 patches 1.20 to 1.22 that made f12019 good  enough for league levels and most tend to use MULTIPLAYER cars.

Now we have discovered that many young people with no posts to there credit and most only open accounts in April just to brag they wre picked for beta f12020  .

Then we had many of them posting in open forum that f12020 on beta was really good.

What does this all mean.

Its means that unless these guys take beta testing seriously for f12020. It may never improve  and we will be stuck again with very very child like front wing 1 and rear wing 12.

Codemasters have the greatest bunch of people who work for them to make f12020 a true masterpiece  

The question is will they. 

  Sorry if it was long winded but you wanted to know why wings dont work .

They did do.

Hope this helps ali 🤯🙏🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🤑

And regarding beta. Just get your brother or sister to open a brand new account a week before beta application. Dont post anything. 

And bingo your in .and you dont even have follow the beta rules.

Well I did in f12017 but the special people dont have too..

The special people was coined by  🤑🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🧠🤪

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So is it generally accepted that these setups 'shouldn't' work, but do- and this is a kind of glitch in the game?

What I am trying to figure out is what I am missing out on with my conservative, middle-of-the-road setups, and whether I need to start working on these strange looking rearward bias setups? 

What is the supposed benefit? what am I missing out on?

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