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The Dirt monthly thread


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Yes, that was definetly the problem through Greece, resulting in brushing off precious speed at the corner exit instead of accelerating.

Compared to you I probably also lose a good few tenths for every so-painfully-slow gear change, and more when going uphill and the rpms just die on upshifts. But in relation to the KeyBro that's not an excuse I can make. That minute extra I've "earned" all by myself.

Will be interesting to see how it goes being constantly on the rev limiter through Finland. (Prediction: I will still wreck, but how many times? ;) )
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Mini+Fulvia Top 20 leaderboard after 12 stages (total of  92,58km, Greece 45,85km +Germany 46,73km)

as a comparison fastest Alpine so far

1. Porkhammer (Mini) 0:56:19.7 (against the fastest Alpine +3:25.3, on average +2,22s/km)
2. Major Payne (Mini) 0:57:41.0 +1:21.3
3. Snaky115 (Mini) 0:58:23.2 +2:03.5
4. Lu? (Mini) 0:58:36.5 +2:16.8
5. Etirion (Fulvia) 0:59:07.6 +2:47.9
6. karik_FIN_134 (Mini) 0:59:07.9 +2:48.2
7. foppaldo (Mini) 0:59:22.1 +3:02.4
8. Flying Finn (Mini) 0:59:34.4 +3:14.7
9. that_guy (Mini) 1:00:03.4 +3:43.7
10. rob_every05 (Mini) 1:00:29.7 +4:10.0
11. magnusporschke (Mini) 1:00:32.2 +4:12.5
12. Spapoglia (Mini) 1:00:32.6 +4:12.9
13. ladose.lebelge (Mini) 1:01:09.2 +4:49.5
14. marche1985 (Mini) 1:01:36.3 +5:16.6
15. Pingouin (Mini) 1:01.40.5 +5:20.8
16. Ghost (Fulvia) 1:01:42.9 +5:23.2
17. Zuta222 (Mini) 1:01:52.9 +5:33.2
18. RacingIvysaur (Fulvia) 1:02:02.9 +5:43.2
19. jpalesi (Mini) 1:02:17.4 +5:57.7
20. falcon1480 (Mini) 1:02:18.7 +5:59:0
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Finland part of the monthly - done! Good pace, hardly had to use my brake pedal at all, even for the sharpest corners I just downshifted to third and powered through - except for the junction bit, obviously - which I had to take in second. Sixth overall at the moment for some reason, I'm guessing not many have done it yet.
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Yeah, i was only in 2nd gear whenever i landed on my roof due to some of the more extreme bumps. :D

So.. i was on my roof twice, and hit a tree with my roof three more times and barrel rolled additional two times while landing on my feet. The Mini was daring me to go faster, which i shouldn't have done.
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Thanks for waiting, @Snaky115 ! :D
20 seconds in front now(!), and I'm going to need everyone of those and then some because I'm terrible in Monte.

No wrecks and fairly clean lines for the most part. Finland is fine when it's not passing by so fast. :)
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Mini+Fulvia Top 19 leaderboard after 24/24 stages, total of 191,20km (or 118,83mi), Greece 45,85km +Germany 46,73km +Finland 59,84km +Monaco 38,78km

as a comparison fastest Alpine so far:
- stkooza, I think this one is a cheater
- Niskymen, known cheater according to Porkhammer
or both are abusing alt+F4 to get perfect stages

1:46:53.2 by fiston38 (this should be fastest legit Alpine driver)

1. Porkhammer (Mini) 1:53:13.7 against the Alpine(driven by fiston38) +6:20.5, on average +1,99s/km (or +3,20s/mile)
2. Major Payne (Mini) 1:55:50.0 +2:36.3
3. Lu? (Mini) 1:57:22.1 +4:08.4
4. Snaky115 (Mini) 1:58:14.6 +5:00.9
5. karik_FIN_134 (Mini) 1:58:16.8 +5:03.1
6. Etirion (Fulvia) 1:58:41.0 +5:27.3
7. Flying Finn (Mini) 1:58:47.3 +5:33.6
8. that_guy (Mini) 2:00:03.0 +6:49.3
9. rob_every05 (Mini) 2:00:32.8 +7:19.1
10. magnusporschke (Mini) 2:01:35.1 +8:21.4
11. Handler (Mini) 2:02:23.3 +9:09.6
12. Jordax142 (Mini) 2:02:25.4 +9:11.7
13. seanjracing (Mini) 2:02:33.8 +9:20.1
14. Zuta222 (Mini) 2:02:40.8 +9:27.1
15. Fusiu (Mini) 2:02:45.0 +9:31.3
16. RacingIvysaur (Fulvia) 2:02:50.7 +9:37.0
17. ladose.lebelge (Mini) 2:02:52.7 +9:39.0
18. Pingouin (Mini) 2:03:03.6 +9:49.9
19. jp9250 (Fulvia) 2:03:04.8 +9:51.1

Individual location time comparison: Porkhammer in Mini vs one of the fastest times with Alpine
- Greece: 28:57.3 vs 27:09.9 (by Headquake137), +1:47.4 on 45,85km = +2,34s/km (or 3,77s/mile)
- Germany: 27:22.4 vs 25:33.0 (by [JfP] batatas_fritas), +1:49.4 on 46,73km = +2,34s/km (or 3,77s/mile)
- Finland: 27:35.8 vs 26:12.3 (by da_elderly), +1:23.5 on 59,84km = +1,40s/km (or 2,25s/mile)
- Monaco: 29:18.2 vs 27:31.5 (by fiston38), +1:46.7 on 38,78km = +2,75s/km (or 4,43s/mile)
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Snaky115 said:
I just realized that Karik is literally directly behind me with a gap of 2 seconds. No wonder something kept making me miss braking points.
Except I did stages 13-24 after u had done them. Etirion isn't far behind you either, so maybe he was the reason u missed brakings.
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foppaldo said:
Is there a reason why none of the usual top drivers have made any progress on this monthly yet?
I definitely ain't a top driver (especially when I lose a wheel in Germany like a noob -_- which put me down to 15th), but I will be streaming all the online events today (and on every friday) on my YT channel. Just bringing that up this one time for those potentially interested: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=E0J7dBL7ocw

When I'm done with those I'll probably do some PvP or random championship/stages.
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My usually slowish but pretty clean Germany event left me in 41st after S6. Then a similar Monte got me up to 30th after S12. I knew this monthly would start rough for me on tarmac, but just tried to keep clean and as high up the leaderboard as i could so i could give it all and try to catch up in Finland. Got up to 3rd after S18, then had a pretty strong Wales event to finish it off.
Sitting in 2nd at the moment, will i hold a spot on the podium?
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12 stages done in one sitting in the monthly. Picked the Integrale.

Germany went very well. Nice clean driving. Incidents kept to a minimum.
Monaco. Not so fantastic. Countless misshifts, and some incidents, but the timeloss wasn't enormous ... hopefully.

Will do the rest after supper.

Finland: Absolutely no risktaking here. It's one tree away from retirement. I still managed to roll on SS17. My SS18 win was a weak comfort.

Wales: Good pace most of the time. Managed to catch and pass Joona, even though he took some 20 secs off me in Finland. He done effed up good.

Reaching SS24 (Bidno Moorland Reverse), I had an 11 second lead. So ... I SPUN THE CAR. Right before the watersplash like 200 meters into the stage! Because I braked too late! Engine stalled. Got going relatively quick. Accelerate, turn... hit a POST. REVERSE! Back into 1st!

Drive like a man.


Kept my lead.

awwwwwwwwwwww yissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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Haven't done a monthly in a while, decided to do one again, as I do like the 70s cars, picked the Lancia Stratos 
Finished the Welsh stages, so far so good. The first few stages went well, had a few close calls in the latter ones. In two occasions had to slam on the brakes hard, not to fly off the track and had a half-spin at the hairpin near the wind turbines, other than that was pretty much clear sailing. I still find it amazing how nimble the Stratos is, like it has almost no understeer.
I'm currently 41st out of 850, so not bad at all

Just finished the next set of stages. Had some pretty fast times, especially on the short tarmac stages on the lower part of the mountain, losing just 2-3 seconds to first place. Also had some stupid mistakes, like spining the car out just a few meters from the finish :D 
The result is ok, I'm currently 3rd out of almost 200 :)

Finland is done. Went pretty well, apart from a few little mistakes. On one of the stages (I think stage 5) had a spin in the spectator hairpin, and in another one didn't manage to stay in trach in a high speed corner, which left me going backwards really fast :D Looking at the times, noticed that @RyuMakkuro was close (only about 20 seconds behind from stage 13 to 16) but I guess he crashed in stage 18, because after that one he was 1:36 behind me. I remember doing a weekly where I also noticed he was a few seconds behind and in the next stage he was way ahead :D
Well, anyway, I'm now 23rd out of 398

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This month's monthly in the 70's cars looked like so much fun, I just couldn't resist giving it a go. I dove straight into it without any kind of warmup. Picked the Fiat. I grew more and more confident in the car, even managing to win SS5 by almost two seconds.

That's when I decided to push, just a little bit - claw some of the timeloss back to put me back in the fight. It didn't take long before I made a rookie mistake; went off and immediately alt-f4'd it.

If I can't even drive the easiest of cars without making mistakes in one of the locations I know like the back of my hand, then there really is not any point to play at all anymore. Dirt Rally is officially uninstalled now.
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