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Rename the stages.


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Today, most stages have unique names despite it's driven on the same track. This is confusing. At first it was confusing which ones were short and long, that is fixed today. But let's say I want to drive a sprint on the last section of Geufron forest.... What the peep is that track named? Something completely different?

My suggestion. (I don't have the track names of all stages in front of me so i'm just going for 1 example).

Why not name the tracks like this: 

Geufron forest
Geufron forest reverse
Geufron forest section 1
Geufron forest section 1 reverse
Geufron forest section 2
Geufron forest section 2 reverse.

Sure, this will make the game look like it has fewer tracks, but why not come out with the truth right away?

Now  i'm just guessing about this next bit. One reason you name the stages so differently and why you choose to say that the early access has 12 tracks in each country(when it's really 2).
Is to make it seem there is more to the game than it actually is. But remember, 1 person that decide to not buy the game for the lack of tracks is better than the same person buying the game, then get disappointed and start to talk dirt about the franchise.
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I completely agree with you. My first custom event was Bidno Moorland and Sweet Lamb; I was so confused when they were both the same section of road. I was immediately feeling a bit cheated by it. I understand that stages are difficult to create, but I would prefer a bit of straight-up honesty/clarity in this regard. If not something like the above, stage lengths and maps would be suitable too.
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