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F1 2013 Classic League

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Hi there there is a Classic League running on StopDropGaming and we are the only league to run both type of cars online and we are looking for some more people who are passionate and who love the challenge of racing 80's and 90's cars if you are up for the challenge just head over to http://stopdropgaming.com/Forum/index.php?/topic/1473-classic-season-2-sign-up-and-specs/ and sign up to the most challenging league out there and just simply leave a comment saying you want to race.

We race every Wednesday night at 9pm BST and we do the 1st track using 80's car and we race on the 2nd track using 90's cars both races are 25% it is really good fun and everyone is the league is clean and friendly too. 

I hope to see you over there.



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