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GOTY, option to play a 'from the ground up' career mode?

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I just got Dirt 2.0 GOTY. Beginning a new career profile gives you 2.4 million credits, and a garage full of cars?

Being able to start as a nobody with no money, even if grindy, can be a fun way to play. This is the way most racing games approach career modes, and this is the way Dirt Rally 2.0 apparently started. However, if you buy the GOTY DLC, you lose that carrot-on-a-stick progression.

Forcing players to disable steam DLC, or manually sell their cars and drain their credits is silly. Couldn't we have an option to reset credits to zero, and owned cars to the original few, to experience the career as it was originally designed, pre-DLC?  Or maybe the deeper issue is how credits are progression between career mode and the rest of the game are linked?  Either way, it sucks that I now can't play the vanilla career mode without having to sell all my stuff and drain my credits manually :'(

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You can still play the original career mode just make sure only to spend money you actually earn on new cars and just treat the dlc cars as extra fun stuff. I admit I was confused when I started a few days back in exactly the same situation but once I did some research I just loaded up the basic Lancia and started having fun with that car alone especially with tuning. Except my career got deleted completely by the stupid online design. Ok restart... Except now at least I can buy back the upgrades the game lost for me with the extra money from the dlc so I'm glad it's there now. You don't need to do crazy stuff like disabling content and upgrading /selling cars at all. Just get a pen and paper and write down the money you earned. If you don't like having the money there has you're too tempted to use it just buy all the expensive cars you hate and will never use, that won't take long! Or waste it all on extra staff which is just superfluous tack to me with little impact.

I DO get your point. You're not STOPPED from doing anything you would normally do at the start of career it just requires will power is all. Or those pointless extra staff !

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