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DiRT Rally Road Book – 10/06/15


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Hello from sunny Warwickshire and welcome to this week’s Road Book. It’s been a pretty hectic few days for us, we’ve been busy preparing for the FFB update, re-evaluating how we handle bugs, looking forward to Germany and we’ve even had a few exciting meetings on what we’ll be up to this summer. 

I’ll hand you over to DiRT Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman for an update on what the team are working on this week. 


It’s been a tough week here in the studio, as we had really high hopes of getting the FFB update out this week but we hit a few issues that meant that we’ve had to push it back a bit. It really is very close to being ready so barring any last minute issues you can expect to have it pretty soon. 

In the meantime our environment team have continued their polish work on the Baumholder stages and they are all looking and playing really well. The stages are a very different challenge to those that are currently in DiRT Rally and require a different focus to get the best times. We’ve got some awesome cars lined up to compliment them and we are looking forward to talking about those in more detail soon. 


So, our first order of business this week has been to re-evaluate how we go about handling bugs, both from an internal point of view and the side that you guys see. 

We’ve come up with a completely new process internally that will help us get to the bottom of them quicker and improve our overall communication of what we’re working on. 

Just like everything with DiRT Rally this has come off the back of your feedback, the last thing we want you guys to feel like is that you’re throwing Frisbees out into the dark when you put a bug in. I can assure you that has not been the case and if you happen to be one of the people putting in bug reports we just wanted to let you know it hasn’t been in vain, we’d like to thank you for that and ask that you keep doing so. 

To give you an idea of our new process and for more info, click here… 


The DiRT Twitter League’s second event started today and this week we’re heading to Greece in 80’s rear wheel drive cars. We’ve added a twist though… This week’s event is an Iron Man fight to the finish, yes… that’s right. Six stages. No restarts. No service areas. 

Think you’ve got what it takes? Sign up here


Our favourite crazy Viking VajbTV is having a DiRT Rally mega livestream this Friday, word on the street is he’ll have some copies of DiRT Rally to give away as well some of our much coveted T-Shirts. You can watch here

The DiRT Daily Thread – Join the guys on the Codemasters Forums for a chat about the day’s DiRT Daily event. Talk about how you did, share some tips and see how the rest of the field did that day. 

As ever this week we leave you with a video. This week we go for a stroll in the woods for this pretty tidy run in Wales. It does raise an important question though… Socks or shoes? 

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Shoes. Though I would like to see an increasingly ridiculous series of socks until he's eventually playing in tights with bells on them or something. The added sensitivity of sheer nylon can't really be overstated in compensating for the soft stock spring on the g27 brake, it's the next big thing in the sim racing community.
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