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'Have a break' trophy problem

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I am having a problem with the trophy called 'Have a break' of the season 3 DLC that requires to buy a kitcar.

I have bought and installed all the DLCs seasons, cars, tracks in my main account.

When i go to my secondary account (account that i play for trophies), in freeplay, all the cars are there, kitcar included, i can choose whatever i want and play.

But i need to buy a kitcar manualy in the store in garage.... and when i go there, the kitcar don't show up for me to buy.

I already waited 3 days, looking in the store each refresh, but no kitcar 😞 .....  in my main account the kitcar is there for me to buy..


This is a serious issue, because i spend my money on the DLCs just for the trophies, and ALL others games that i play so far don't have this problem with DLC not transfered to secondary account.


This issue can be fixed?



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