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Season 2 Difficulty Spike

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Hi all, 

I've noticed a huge increase in difficulty in Season 2 of career mode and unsure if its just me. 

Played Season 1 on 101 difficulty and by the end I had managed to get Renault as the third fastest. At the start of Season 2 I'm still third in the R&D table but I've noticed a huge jump in AI difficulty. 

I've gone from qualifying in the top 10 regularly to struggling to even get into Q2 in Aus, Bahrain and China. Additionally, the times I'm expected to get in practice sessions are the same times Mercedes/Red Bull are lapping despite their cars being developed far more than mine. 

I should also note that my contract goals are pretty basic too (Q10 and finish 8th in the race) so I'm failing to understand the unrealistic times I'm expected to make and how each car has magically got stupidly faster. 

Is this a regular occurance for anyone else?

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Yes this gets worse as you progress. The more the cars get upgraded the faster the AI get even tho you upgrade too. I started playing on 100 then lowered it to 90 for season 2. From season 5 onwards I played on 80. 

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