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F1 2019 - [PS4] - MFD Shortcut delay on G29

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So I have a Logitech G29 racing wheel with the L2 and R2 button assigned to respectively decrease and increase the ERS Mode. The issue is that when I press those buttons quickly, the game doesn't record all the inputs. For example, if I'm in ERS mode 5 (Hotlap) and want to go to Mode 0 (none) as quickly as I can, I'll press the L2 button 5 times as quick as I can. But after pressing the L2 button 5 times in a very small amount of time, I'll be in ERS mode 2 or 3. The game doesn't record all the inputs. If I take my time though, it records all the inputs

This issue doesn't only apply to the L2 and R2 button! The L3/R3, -/+ and the red rotary switch all have the same issues. I went on GT Sport to see if the issue came from my wheel but as expected, I didn't have that problem on this game. The issue is related to the game, not to my wheel.

So my conclusion is that the game is too slow to record all inputs or there is input lag with the G29 wheel.

Platform: PS4

Version: 1.22 (but the "bug" was there in all previous versions, even on previous games)

The problem is always present, it's impossible to avoid it.

Accesories : G29 Racing wheel

Here's an example: https://streamable.com/efwofa. I'm in ERS Mode 5 and press quickly 5 times my L2 button to go to ERS mode 0 (you can hear the 5 fast clicks in the video). But after clicking quickly 5 times, I'm only in ERS mode 2 instead of ERS mode 0.


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I can confirm this issue on PC with Fanatec gear (F1 Esports wheel & CSL Elite wheel base). It seems like a universal issue with the game when using MFD shortcuts. Without using shortcuts you can switch the fuel and ERS modes much faster and more importantly consistently. 5 presses = 5 switches. With shortcuts enabled you need a very specific time gap between each press for them to register all.

I must say it's highly annoying and makes managing the Fuel and ERS so much more stressful because you need to double check if you're in the correct mode.

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