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DiRT Rally - Suspension geometry, alignment, and force feedback


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While we're all talking about force feedback, I'm curious if the physical model will allow us to alter things like caster, toe, and camber, while realistically approximating the difference we should feel through the wheel. Changing the FFBEffectSelfAligningTorque in the effectstup.xml* didn't have the effect that I expected; right now I'm flipping between .55 and -.55, and oddly, I'm finding the driving more intuitive with this inversed. I'm assuming what's happening here isn't simple enough to easily explain in a forum post, but I'm curious if we can realistically expect such detailed changes to be accurately modeled?

* Want to touch on the XML file changes too: After Hajiii's post, I took a look at the  XML file and realized how easy it could be to potentially damage your wheel by putting the wrong numbers in here. This is likely why we were given the CYA warning about modifying these files, and I would be very careful when changing values in here, such as sending the effects which are meant for pads to be sent to your wheel as those on racedepartment are doing. The XML files are logical and you can easily build an FFB configuration to suit by adding additional lines and thresholds, but you can also send ridiculous forces to your wheel. Be careful with this.
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