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Xbox 360 controller only being recognized as the Default Direct Input, not an Xinput 360 Controller


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Im having issues getting the xbox 360 controller to work correctly. I would think, as with previous DiRT games, when you use the xbox 360 controller (I am current using it through the standard drivers in Windows 7) all the buttons (A,B, RT, LT... etc.) show up with logos and its very easy to set up the desired controls. However, with DiRT Rally, when I got to set up my controller in the options I am only able to map buttons as they appear in controller driver options window (button 1,2,x-axis... etc.).
The problem arises when I try to assign my Accelerator/Brake to the triggers. The left trigger shows up as slider0, but the right trigger simply does not do anything. When testing the controller input out-of-game, all inputs work correctly and I was also able to get this controller working great in RSRBR2015. 
I'm not sure exactly whats happening. I've looked through the input configs in the DiRT Rally folder and it looks like there are numerous settings for the xbox 360 controller as an xinput device. So, I think the game is failing to recognize my controller as anything but a directinput device, and hence the triggers are acting as one axis... or canceling each other out in some way. It should be noted that Steam fails to recognize I have any controllers connected too... but that has never effected the controller working in-game.
Has any one else had an issue like this? It's frustrating because I feel like there is a major loss in control when one can't feather the throttle or brake. 
Do I maybe have a driver issue? Everything I've found has suggested uninstalling the drivers, and reinstalling... which I have tried numerous times. How can I tell that windows is recognizing the controller as an xinput device? 
Please Advise.
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