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Monaco - Steering Wheel Angle

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Watched Lando Norris on YouTube practising Monaco circuit for Sunday's Esports. Most of the corners he was using 90-110 degrees of wheel max. Only the hairpins required 180 degrees. 

I'm finding I use 180 degrees for most corners. So why:

LN F1 McLaren car vs my F2 Carlin?

To much speed? But racing line shows speed ok/ green tiles. 

PC/Graphics performance? So I'm catching up with a slow display so have to crank on more wheel. I'm using a laptop and the FPS isn't great.

Ideas welcome?? 

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A big reason the eSports drivers are so quick is that they have the least steering input possible. The technique with the F1 games are that you attempt a corner with the least steering input possible, and only keep the steering angle the same until the end of the corner, while using your throttle to manage speed. I found this trick to gain me a ton of tenths. It reduces tyre wear and allows you to go through corners a little bit quicker as you're biting the corner correctly and incur little to no understeer. See the eSports laps of some of the F1 circuits, and how little steering angle they can get away with.

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