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Dirt Rally (early access) TC SC ABS On & Off, and going sideways....tall (un)happy and instability.


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I wanted to start this thread because there is great discussion on the feedback thread starting to get going in the community. I haven't gone back through that whole thread which is turning into a cluster%&k but if you wanna repeat on this thread that's appreciated.

I know there have been comments like cars are too tight, game is too easy...etc..etc...

I must be rubbish at driving or its about biases on the in game assists. I have not finished higher than 4th place in a championship race and better than 6th in a career series with a mini with the assists off (& I have played at least 6 championships at open difficulty settings).

As soon as I played I was trying to configure my wheel I also turned off TC and ABS so I have never played with them on. It made me wonder have you guys/gals tried playing with the assists off? and do you use a gamepad or wheel. on the same car in a championship or custom event how do you finish between both settings.

can I tell the difference between RWD and FF? hell yes!

so I am thinking there is too much bias in the assists. even in normal lose bends the rear end can become unsettled and upset the rhythm of the car which in wales usually ends up wraped around a tree. I have done a whole load of driving with the mini and due to my poor finishes I have not earned enough money for better cars so I have only tried the low powered rear wheel cars on the next division up. (ps that's ok I don't want the game to be easy)

Skandepik said:
bogani said:
bogani said:


- Less grip! RWD cars are not tail happy enough atm.

on the racing wheel with TC SC abs set to off. I had my issues with losing control at 80-100 throttle and becoming unsettled in non ebreak corners. (see Profile/Game Preferences)

Did you mean they don't slide enough on e break turns (inertial drifts, is that the term?), or snap on you during non e-break standard bends. If anyone else wants to add there 2 cents feel free.

Hmm. Not sure I fully understand you. But I'm not talking about handbrake turns I'm talking about applying throttle in general. These cars should really step out sideways when the diff is firm.
Yeah, no doubt about that. Atm, the cars aren't stepping out sideways properly. But is it only a matter of grip? I'm not so sure if it's only that. Something to do with the power of the cars too? Because the group B don't seem to me as powerful as they should be in acceleration for example."

Also this discussion
"Isniedood said:
Kzertus said:
For the player who said that he cannot block the wheels, there must be something wrong in your pedals settings or you left the ABS on, because I have locked a multiple time the front wheels on the Cooper, even on tarmac. 
I think you are referring to me. 

I do not think I made myself perfectly clear. I do lock my tires often and I mean often. But somehow the car doesn't really give me feedback when I am locking the tyres. I do not hear it very well  and the suspension doesn't really do a lot when braking.  With RBR  it was quite obvious when you were on the edge of locking or not. 

Maybe it is because of the force feedback, maybe the sound, but somehow I do not really feel what the car is doing when braking."

I now have ABS set on 3 and I agree with Kzertus the mini will lock I think on tarmac either that or the understeer is so bad! but your right FFB, there no indication as to the feel of the lock.

In addition to just the TC SC ABS can we add to the leader boards these fields like in Forza so you can see these assists with the times of players. Or even better have a separate leader boards if this is not possible to add these fields to the same leader boards. This is the danger when you start trying to cater for serious casual or sim fans. they don't mind comparing how slow they are but they do want to see distinction between assists IMHO on leader boards.

For me the way the game is currently I would prefer lower powered 80 and 90's cars with assists on then work up to modern day with assists on, then take them back For PURITY racing of  60 and 70 and some 80's cars with assists off and hopefully Forced camera's option ON. they didn't have the assists in those days plus I am sadistic that way.

Even now Porsche are making an acknowledgment about there own driver enthausist as more and more automation takes removes the driver from the rawness of track day cars, e.g Between the GT3 911 and GT4 cayman. they say if you want the there fastest track car buy a gt3(rs) with paddle shift if you want purist experience less automation buy a gt4 (manual). even jaguar with the f type is using similar terms as it launched a MANUAL for its coupe along side its dual clutch auto.

Anyway I better go and try race with the assists on to see is I am just S&%t at driving or it makes the game too easy LOL ttyl
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