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Good setup for Monte Carlo?

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I downloaded Monte Carlo today and have done a few stages with the Lancia Group A car, as I'm using it in career. I left the setups on default as I wasn't really sure about what I should change because of the mixture of surfaces. I use quite a stable setup on Spain in whatever car I use as they all seem to slide around too much. Will this sort of setup work on the ice and snow of Monte Carlo?

Any general setup tips for Monte Carlo and/or specific tips for the Lancia are welcome.

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ride height very low, springs very stiff, dampers 4/5, (its plain tarmac, so you want that car responsive)

very short gear ratio (bcos there are no high speed sections and many 1,2, hairpins)

I like the rear differential strong and my front diff medium.  (rear gives you good oversteer, front gives you grip against understeer)

camber somewhat -1.2


but at the end it depends on what you like. For me the GTR Technical Youtube Setups dont work that great as for others

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